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We from PT SHELTON BISNIS INDONESIA announce that during the Covid-19 pandemic we were trading gloves, masks and other medical stuff. But we are not responsible for the misuse of company names, letterheads, signatures that occur in this period without our knowledge for the project.

Therefore, if there is someone or a company on behalf of our company, please send this information for us to cross-check whether it is from our company or not. Thankyou . Email: globalcoindo@gmail.com

Our Business

Business - Shelton Nutrition - Shelton Indonesia Group - Food & Drinks & Hospitality Company
Business - SBS - Shelton Indonesia Group - Food & Drinks & Hospitality Company
Business - Brinse - Shelton Indonesia Group - Food & Drinks & Hospitality Company
Business - JMS - Shelton Indonesia Group - Food & Drinks & Hospitality Company

Welcome to Shelton Indonesia Group

Logo - Shelton Indonesia Group - Food & Drinks & Hospitality Company

About Us

Shelton Indonesia Group is a holding company engaged in herbal and medical health, food and beverage, hospitality and export import activities. Our company was founded in early 2016. We are committed to providing the best service in every business unit that we run.

We continue to look for mutually beneficial business opportunities that create synergies, build alliances, and strengthen our supporting businesses with and through our subsidiaries, especially SBS Indonesia, Shelton Nutrition, JMS Packaging , Brinse International (Indonesia & Malaysia Dealer) and Panorama Coban Rondo Hotel.

We are looking for people who have a passion for progress, combined with the key qualities of humility, dedication and sincerity. These values enable us to work in harmony.

CEO Biography

Roy Saputra Yuwono, lahir di Malang ( Jawa Timur ). Beliau mengawali karir sebagai Marketing Leader Indonesia Region di sebuah perusahaan Telekomunikasi di Florida.

Pada Tahun 2014, beliau melebarkan sayap bisnis Makanan dengan konsep Food Street.
Pada Tahun 2015, beliau menjadi salah satu distributor Kopi Arabica dan Robusta untuk wilayah Jawa dan Sumatra.

Di usia yang masih sangat produktif, beliau merupakan sosok yang sangat bersemangat, memiliki leadership yang tinggi dan beliau cukup sering menjadi Key Speaker dan Motivator di berbagai acara Entrepeneur / Startup Company.

Maret 2016, Roy Saputra mendirikan Shelton Indonesia Group yang berfokus pada bidang kesehatan, kecantikan serta bisnis keluarga. Beliau memiliki gelar Sarjana Teknik dari Universitas Trisakti.

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